Table of Contents


Introduction: Babaylan Work Begins in the Body: Where is Your Body?
Why Babaylan in the 21st  Century?

Chapters: Our Babaylan-Inspired Stories

I.          The Babaylan in Me
Sister Mary John Mananzan, OSB

II         An Ancient Reed of Wholeness: — The Babaylan
Katrin de Guia

III.       She Dances in Wholeness
Agnes N. Miclat-Cacayan

IV.      To Our Lola’s House: A Pilgrimage to the Place of Beginnings –       A Collective Family Album
Ceres Pioquinto

V.        Babaylan Urduja, Imperial Memories, and the Filipina Diaspora
Tera Maxwell

VI.       Katibuk-an: My Journey Towards Wholeness
Venus Herbito

VII.     Babaylan – Our Filipino Spiritual Heritage
Teresita Obusan

VIII.    Accessing My Filipina Spiritual Authority
Trisha Agbulos Cabeje

IX.       A Deep Listening: Inang Bayan Calls me Home
Karen Villanueva

X.        Fusion and Fission
Michelle Bautista

XI.       Dawac/Action: A Babaylan Poetics
Eileen Tabios

XII.     Decolonization and the Filipino Arts Community in Los Angeles
Marjorie Light

XIII.    Re-imagining Possibilities: Before their words
Maiana Minahal

XIV.    A Babaylan in Rome: An Interview with Charito Basa
Marianita Villariba